• Your unified healthcare portal platform

    Rapidly deploy integrated telehealth, eConsult, eReferral portal solutions. Facilitate simple, secure collaborations between clinicians and with their patients. Iterate seamlessly on new virtual care pathways as you continuously improve your learning healthcare system, achieving greater efficiency, effectiveness, and more equitable access to care.

  • Technology

    Comprehensive cloud / on premise / hybrid platform for virtual care

  • Our web-based technology is purpose-built for new approaches to healthcare in the 21st century. Easily adaptable to multiple use cases, it provides all you need to enable research, experimentation, adoption and systematization of new practices with measured outcomes.

  • Fully multilingual

  • Modern responsive technology

  • Fast & secure

  • Advanced Business Intelligence

  • Integrated interface engine

  • Solutions

    Our solutions are designed to streamline your processes and to reduce inefficiencies. Waste less time chasing after missing information or unavailable staff so you can focus fully on high-value care.

  • Akinox eConsult

    Improve primary care physician access to specialists with reliable messaging, thereby significantly reducing unnecessary patient referrals and increasing care quality and coordination

  • Akinox eReferral

    Enable painless, seamless, coordinated patient referral processes, with full traceability and visibility so no one falls through the cracks

  • Akinox ePortal

    Foster secure, streamlined communications between patients and all relevant care teams

  • Akinox Teleconsultation

    Streamline real-time and asynchronous telehealth consultations and diagnostics, helping keep patients closer to home

  • Akinox Applied Healthcare Research

    Simplify research and experimentation, shorten analysis and time to publish, and narrow the gap between research and applied clinical practice

  • Services

    Telehealth and Telemedicine expert services

  • We can help manage all aspects of a successful telehealth program design and implementation, whether at an international, national, regional or local level. Real-time video-conferencing is only one of many modalities that can be used for telehealth services. Varied synchronous and asynchronous (i.e. “store and forward”) tools and processes lead to improvements in a wide range of settings, from home and community care, chronic disease management, prevention and public health programs, education and training, to acute care and follow-ups.

    Let us demonstrate how we can quickly and tangibly generate value for your organization by assessing your current goals and helping you define sensible priorities. Multi-disciplinary experts in telehealth, we will assist you in every step of your project, creating steady added value.

  • Testimonials

  • Philippe Lubino, Director, Chisasibi Hospital

    We estimate at $ 85,000 the savings in 2 years in obstetrics alone. The doctors are very enthusiastic. The platform optimizes their work and they feel less isolated. The system has allowed us to improve the quality of life of patients.

  • Dr. Gagnon, Gynecologue, McGill University Health Center

    Thanks to Akinox, we were able to set up a system of store-and-forward ultrasounds. This method allowed us to go from 60 ultrasounds per year to 1200. If the Quebec government had to send these 1,200 women to do ultrasounds, it would have cost about $ 5 million. We can say that our investment in the Akinox system was rapidly profitable.

  • Dr. Nadia Waterman, Chief Physician, Chisasibi Hospital

    Our challenge in James Bay is the lack of specialists on site. Akinox allowed us to overcome some of this problem. We can access a specialist's advice more quickly, which has allowed us to offer a better service. Everyone benefits from this standardization of practices: patients but also doctors who benefit from working closely with specialists south. 

  • Some of our clients